GetAttachment.aspxFor the last month Kennedy and I have been using the food pyramid as a guide for healthy eating and it is really rubbing off! Thursday night Kennedy attended a board meeting with me and the host of the meeting offered Kennedy a bag of her favorite chips. Kennedy smiled with happiness as she held the bag.  As she started to open the bag- she stopped.  She walked over to me and said, “ I already had a bag of chips for lunch today, how many chips should I eat now?”

I realized that Kennedy’s relationship with food was changing. Now, Kennedy thinks of eating on a conscious level. She thought about the food pyramid and how many snacks versus vegetables and fruits she consumed for the day.

Here are three tips that have helped my daughters and I maintain a healthy diet.

1.    Portion control

  • Do not eat out of a “family size” bag. Count out a portion and place it in a container.
  • Read the nutrition labels when making a choice of what cereal, snacks or food to purchase.

2.    Replace juice & soda with WATER (as much as possible )

  • Water has no calories. It’s essential for survival and it’s refreshing!
  • Juice and soda are filled with sugar and “empty” calories.

3.    Exercise

  • You do not need a gym membership to exercise. Kennedy and I walk to school daily.
  • We take the staircase instead of the elevator; depending on the floor 🙂
  • We also do jumping jacks or walk in place, during commercial breaks.

We love food but we understand its role. The role for food in our lives, is to nourish and provide our bodies with the necessary energy for good health.

What role does nutrition play for you and your daughter?   #motherdaughterconnect with your response.