wordsFor many years I have been studying communication between mothers and daughters.  As I read, write and conduct research; I have always reflected and analyzed my actions and thought process from the perspective of my role as a mother, and not as a daughter.

Donna as a Daughter

My mother recently read my blog for the first time and gave me her personal feedback. I listened, thought about what she said, and then I asked her, “Why don’t you write an entry for the blog?”  She enthusiastically and immediately said yes.  So prepare to enter into the world of my mother daughter experience; with me as the daughter.

“People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character” Ralph Waldo Emerson

My mother always told me that my words were powerful.  I learned through research that the words of a mother have more significance to a daughter than do the words of her peers, family and friends. It is critical as a mother to choose your words wisely as they can encourage or inspire

Below is an acronym my mother created in her quest to emphasize the critical value of your WORDS.


WOwn Reality Destiny Singly

By Daisy Hill (my mother)

WE – How many times do we say, “I blame so and so for this and that?”  Have you considered that this is where the power of your words need to be analyzed and maybe you as the speaker must consider your responsibility for your own predicament and circumstance?  Sometimes WE should focus on being accountable. Today I will consider my contribution to conflict.

OWN – Your words are a reflection of you. You thought it and you chose to voice it.  Consider where the root of your words are steaming from: are your words of love, happiness and light OR are they of fear, hate and anger? Today I will OWN my words because they are a reflection of me.

REALITY – Words are powerful – they can hurt but they also can heal!  They can create our beautiful dreams, reality and our legacy.  Words, once spoken seem to take on a life of their own that cannot be curtailed. Your words breathe life into REALITY.  Today my reality will be words of inspiration and hope.

DESTINY – Words touch (pierce) the very heart and soul of our being.  Speaking kind words helps one to grow healthier, and many believe even living plants benefit from kind words!  Your words create (manifest) your destiny, they propel forward into the universe like an arrow shot from a bow.  They live on producing and reproducing after their kind. Today, I will use words that elevate and encourage others.

SINGLY – I individually and alone own my words and their effect. So today, I will see how I feel when I experience kind words vs ugly words. Today I will see how kind words light up the spirit and how dark words crush it.

I choose W.O.R.D.S based on Hope, Kindness and most importantly LOVE.