It looks like Mother Nature didn’t realize that it was March, but my daughters and I did! So we jumped on the 2 train headed downtown and stopped at 72nd street to go to our favorite little ice cream shop.  I couldn’t have been happier to order my ice cream, my eyes bulged wide open as the ice cream attendant placed a large scoop of pralines and cream on a sugar cone for me. I saw Kennedy smiled with glee as the attendant handed her an scoop of vanilla ice cream with extra rainbow sprinkles; and Alleea stood with a sense of calmness as she reached for her serving of cookies and cream.


We sat on the small bench inside the store and the conversation started. We laughed, smiled and talked about our day. For less than twenty dollars I had an amazing conversation with my daughters. Since my daughters are thirteen years apart the conversations can be very unusual. We may start with Kennedy’s day at school in the fifth grade. Her areas of interest are voice lessons, acting and friends. While Alleea areas of interest are work, boyfriend and networking.  For some reason the ice cream bridged the gap, maybe it is the familiar nature of ice cream in our household.


In my home ice cream or some form of desert is served after dinner. Just a small serving but enough to provide a sense of comfort and pleasure.  Possibly that was what provided us the sense of Euphoria as we devoured or ice cream.

What simple pleasure can create this sense of comradery and ease the playing field to provide a basic conversation with your daughter?

Remember even general conversations strengthen the relationship between mothers and daughters.