I love my mother, but we never really spoke. I wasn’t really sure what my mother thought of me. I knew she cared about me, my parents did an excellent job providing for me, but my mother and I never really communicated.download-1

I missed a lot of lessons growing up, I learned mostly from non-verbal communication. I often looked to my friends mothers for queues on parenting and thank God for my older sister…she often role modeled as a mother for me.

As I have lived my life I have had ups and downs, I have worked for years studying mothers, daughters and the powerful bond that exists; and in that time I have learned 8 things that I wish my mother would have told me.

 Lesson one : Live in your truth 

Be your authentic self… It takes courage to be your TRUE self! Don’t allow people to label you, be who you want to be. Live in your truth and be unapologetically you.

Lesson two: You are unique and valuable

Oh darling out of the billions of people on this earth there is only ONE of you. You have ideas no one has, a voice no one has and talents designed specifically for you. The world wouldn’t be the same with you. Let your light shine!

Lesson three: Learn to listen to your intuition and trust it

You always know… Trust your gut, your thoughts and your hesitations; they will always stare you down the right path.

Lesson four: Always Believe in yourself and demand respect

We all have doubts … use your doubts as fuel to enhance yourself. Understand yourself and trust in your abilities. Give and expect respect … Always

Lesson five: The universe is always on your side

Prepare yourself and take the leap! Live your life without regrets.

What you truly put in your mind to will happen.

Lesson six : You are more than enough

Make this your mantra, live by it and believe it.

Lesson seven: Failure and success are synonymous

I have always hated the word “failure”… I like the word “lesson” better. I have learned that in your greatest failure…you will find the magic of success.

Lesson eight: Never, never settle…. Never

Set your goals and work hard, smart and with commitment to achieve them. You deserve the best…do not settle!

Dr. Donna Cill