Mornings are crazy !!!!! It seems like the time speeds up but my world slows down.

“Kennedy, we have to go NOW!”

Kennedy responds, “Ok!”

Ten minutes later…she still isn’t ready.

Do you know what a ten minute delay means for me? Driving fast and stressing myself out. Kennedy and I also end up being late. We get in the car and there is tension and then of course, I have to give her a lecture.

The lecture always goes a little something like this:

“How do I run on the treadmill, do squats and sit ups, make your breakfast, bring it to your room, make your lunch and get myself dressed in time, but you can’t even put on your clothes and brush your teeth?”

Kennedy sits there and says nothing. I feel bad and our day is off to

a rocky start.

One day instead of yelling “Kennedy, it’s time to go!”


I decided to walk upstairs and address Kennedy differently.

“Kennedy, can I help you with anything?” I asked.

She looked at me and said, “Now that I have breasts, I never know what shirt to wear.”


I almost cried! My 12 year old daughter was going through what so many girls her age go through…body image concerns. I sat in her room and we did a mini fashion show in order to choose the perfect blouse. Although we were both late 😳, my

 perspective changed and so did our mornings! Now, we choose shirts ahead of time and I have given Kennedy some pointers on dressing during puberty.

Next time, communicate with your child. You may be surprised by what’s on your daughter’s mind.