Free Communication Test


The first step in developing a healthy relationship is to know where you currently stand in the spectrum of communication as it relates to your daughter engaging in health risk behaviors.  My team has created an assessment tool to evaluate the likelihood of your daughter engaging in health risk behaviors. If your daughter is between the ages of 13-19 you can utilize our assessment tool to gauge her likeliness of engaging in risky behaviors:

Mothers can assess how their communication style relate to the probability of their daughter engaging in risky behavior here.

You can also have your daughter evaluate her perception of how she communicates with you; as it relates to health risk behaviors here.


Once you have filled out the survey and calculated your score, feel free to share your thoughts with us.  If you would like feedback on your results do not hesitate to ask Dr. Donna

The Assessment is  geared to help you stay on track, get on track or recreate your strategy. We are all learning and Mother Daughter Connect will be here to assist in guiding you along your path!

Learn more about health risk behaviors by visiting: CDC identified health risk behavior

Be sure to visit our site  to view our tips and monthly  webinars, which will cover a variety of topics that help you maintain or strengthen your bond with your daughter; throughout her  lifespan.


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