How to donate

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Step two**: Enter “Project to empower mothers and daughters” where it states: ‘If selected “Other, please specify” option, please specify the fund

Step three: DONATE here! No donation is too small.

Be A Part of Change-Through Research 

You can be part of groundbreaking research to further the empowerment of girls and women. As a Doctorate nurse, I am currently conducting a research study at Rutgers School of Nursing thanks to generous donations from the Jewish Women Foundation of New Jersey. My team is investigating best-practiced communication styles between mother and daughters.

All donations are tax deductible and will go towards finding solutions to decrease teenage health risk behaviors through effective and healthy relationships between mothers and daughters. We are recruiting mother-daughter dyads ages 12-18  in Essex County, NJ to participate in focus groups. These focus groups will help us identify common themes on positive and negative communication trends. 

Why your donations are important

First and foremost, donating to this research would allow a sustainable trend towards healthier behaviors even in the most disadvantaged settings. If these girls can find motherly comfort during the turbulent teenage years, I believe, they will show reduced affinity for risky behaviors and be able to achieve success later on in life. YOUR donations are going towards finding long term solutions!

Thank you for your support!

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